While one St. Louis sergeant recovers from an alleged ambush, another from the same department is speaking about the night he was ambushed.

Sgt. Charles Lowe was working a secondary security shift in the city's Central West End in July of 2015 when he was shot while sitting in his car. A ballistics vest likely saved his life.

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Sgt. Lowe believes it was divine intervention, and now says it's divine direction that has him back on the force - policing with the perspective of a survivor.

“I know it's my calling and it gets me up in the morning,” Lowe told NewsChannel 5 in an interview alongside his wife Kelli, who serves as the President of the St. Louis Police Wives Association.

When asked if it his job as a police officer is more difficult since he returned from the shooting, the 18-year veteran said: “No. I would say it's more rewarding.”

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Lowe now draws on his experience to help other victims of violent crime – including fellow officers.

“I can reach back to him, tell him what I went through and help him get through his process,” Sgt. Lowe said of the St. Louis sergeant shot while sitting in his patrol car Sunday night.

Sgt. Lowe and his wife say they are also on a mission to help heal the divide between police and some communities - participating and even spear-heading several projects to spur dialogue and build relationships.

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The cases for those accused of shooting Sgt. Lowe are still working their way through the criminal justice system.