EUREKA, Mo. (KSDK) - All week, Eureka was filled with sandbags. By Friday evening, most of them were gone. While crews removed bags along Central Avenue in Old Town, community volunteers cleaned up neighborhoods affected by the flood.

"We're doing a lot of lifting, a lot of pushing," volunteer Becca Thebeau said. "I know if I was in this situation, I would appreciate the help so I just wanted to reciprocate it back here."

Volunteers removed the sandbags with the same strength and community spirit they had when filling them.

"Any furniture or anything they need out of their homes, we're here to help," volunteer Jennifer Gianino said. "If you can see this crowd, it's just representative of this community. There's an outpouring of support and help whenever it's needed."

The sandbags are headed to the community center for now. In a few days, the Army Corps of Engineers will take them to a dump.

VIDEO: After saving Eureka, sandbags have to be removed