Protesters took to the streets in a busy shopping district along Brentwood Boulevard to express their anger over the election of Donald Trump.

Roughly 60 protesters peacefully marched from the Brentwood Promenade to the St. Louis Galleria. It was a diverse group of protesters all united under the banner 'Love Trumps Hate'.

From the parking lot of a busy shopping center, the protesters took to the streets to send a message

"We're protesting because we believe love trumps hate," said Barbie Click, a protester.

Some had their mouths taped, many had signs, but all those who attended said they came because they believe Trump isn't the right man to lead the country and protect their rights.

"This could take away all our rights ... rights as women, whites, as people of color. and I'm a white person, I've got to use my privilege to speak out and help other people," said Tori, another protester.

"For me and my daughter, it's important to fight for what is right," said Xiaci, a protester who brought along her young daughter.

Many motorists passing by expressed their anger and disagreement with the protesters by swearing at them as they drove by. Many we talked to told us they don't believe the groups' protest will change anything.

"I hope they don't think it's going to do anything because that would be just sad. He's our president now," said Jacob Levitan, a bystander.

"As I was walking down here, people did scream and yell, and I was just walking up here. I wasn't even part of the protest," said Gwen Cabe, who joined the protest after driving by and realizing she agreed with the protester's message.

"It's just a diversity, people who are in motorized wheelchairs. It's African Americans, Muslims, Hispanics, old and young ... a little bit of everything, which is what America is," said Cabe.

But not everyone was happy to see us there. One masked protester tried repeatedly to block our cameras.

"This is the machine. They don't like us. Don't let propaganda hassle you," said the masked protester while trying to deter people from talking with us.

Among the groups represented were Black Lives Matter protesters, members of the LGBTQ community, socialist groups, Hispanic voters, and even children as young as 5-months-old were in the crowd.

Another peaceful protest is planned for Sunday afternoon in city garden.