Clean-up efforts continued in Perryville Saturday as dozens of homeowners watched what was left of their houses demolished.

Meanwhile at the Perry Park Center, more than two dozen organizations came together to provide resources to the homeowners who need the help.

The Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC) ran from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and offered a variety of assistance options.

The Red Cross, with Catholic Charities, coordinated the efforts.

Visiting shortly after it opened was Judith Lawrence, a recently retired teacher who lost her home in the storm.

Lawrence did not walk in with a plan in mind, but she certainly left with one.

She also left with a bunch of stuff to help her start to get back on her feet.

Her next door neighbors, Jim and Lisa Best, chose to wait until later in the day to make the trip into town.

Lisa was seeking closure and wanted to witness the demolition of what remained of the home they raised their daughters in.

It has been an emotional roller coaster for Lisa, and as the excavator tore into the roof she leaned on her sister’s shoulder.

It didn’t take long for first floor of the home to be razed; the tornado took the second floor Tuesday night.

Afterward, Lisa said that now she truly feels like she has no place to live.

But there was catharsis in watching, and with the prospects of getting help and resources ahead of them, they looked forward to seeing what the MARC had to offer.