OG Hospitality Group has donated $120,000 to Backstoppers.

The money was raised last month when OG’s area restaurants sold "Backstoppers Bucks.” The group owns several restaurants in the St. Louis region, including The Tavern, Shack, and The Corner Pub & Grill.

Backstoppers helps the families of fallen and injured first responders.

Organizers say they had a very lucrative fundraiser a number of years ago for a fallen officer, and decided to keep the effort going.

An officer’s “widow came up and touched our heart saying thank you” says Brant Baldanza, a partner in OG Hospitality Group. “We realized that day if we can do $14 grand in a day, what can we do with a month?”

Organizers say this year is the most successful they've had yet.

Area restaurants participate in the fundraiser every February.