Four years ago, Iviana Scales decided to attend Mehlville High School, a school far from her home in North County.

Scales wanted more than what she believed her own school district could offer.

"I left Riverview for multiple reasons," said Scales. "One of the things I noticed was the curriculum. I felt like we were learning the same things. It was not diverse."

Because Riverview Gardens is unaccredited, Scales, and about 430 other students, are attending schools outside of Riverveiew this year.

But, that could soon change.

The district has made enough academic improvement over the last two years to be considered for provisional accreditation -- something Gov. Jay Nixon supports.

"I'm strongly encouraging the State Board of Education that is meeting in December to change the status from 'unaccredited' to 'provisionally accredited'. This will be an accurate reflection of how this district has moved forward," said Gov. Nixon.

Nixon visited Riverview Gardens' Moline Elementary to congratulate the students and educators on their accomplishments.

Riverview Garden School District superintendent Scott Spurgeon said he's seen growth in several categories.

"We've improved our literacy rates, especially in the K-5 area," said Spurgeon. "And our attendance has grown from 77 last year to 84.2%."

Spurgeon said it's too early to tell when the transfer students would be required to return to Riverview Gardens.

Iviana Scales hopes she can finish out her senior year.

"I'm going to be pretty upset. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish at Mehlville," said Scales.