Schnucks has announced a new program that will help low-income families afford fresh, healthy food.

The new program, Double Up Food Bucks, will double the value of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for all local produce. The program is launching on Tuesday, June 20 at all of Schnucks' Missouri stores.

Customers can earn a dollar-for-dollar match on local produce up to $25 per day. In-store signage will help customers identify which produce is locally grown.

“Double Up Food Bucks is a win-win-win,” said Noah Fulmer, program director of Double Up Food Bucks in a press release. “Local families bring home and eat more healthy foods, local farmers sell more produce, and the local economy benefits from more money staying in the community.”

To participate in Double Up Food Bucks, SNAP EBT recipients can sign up in any Missouri Schnucks store or online at