Parents and teachers are now calling for the firing of a Nashville, Ill. superintendent after he wrote a column in the local paper detailing his high school fantasies for high school volleyball girls.

Wednesday night, the Nashville school board met for a special session behind closed doors and some from the community showed up to speak their minds about they believe the superintendent has on his mind.

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It's his regular column in the Nashville News that's now making news. Late last month Nashville superintendent Ernie Fowler penned a piece about the school's girls volleyball team. But some parents and teachers say what he wrote veered out of bounds when he recalled playing volleyball as a teenager in a coed PE class - lined-up across the net from "the blonde-haired, blue eyed girl of my high school fantasy world."

The now superintendent wrote that at fifteen he was glad to be shorter than his crush because is eyes lined-up with her "well-developed assets... hidden under a t-shirt." A memory Fowler recalls as "10 seconds of heaven" for a "15-year-old red-blooded boy"

“He can’t say that someone took him, his words out of context,” says Luann Grote a parent of a Nashville graduate who spoke before the board before it went into its special session. “It’s his words. In print.”

“I can’t believe that someone in his position…thinks that it’s appropriate,” said Grote.

Wednesday night the Nashville School Board met for more than three hours. Teachers say they were told Fowler's future would be discussed. They also say it's not the first time he's crossed the line. Without citing specific reasons why, the teachers' union says its members passed a vote of no confidence against Fowler long before he wrote the column.

Fowler issued an apology on the school's website and said in part: "My point of view was from a typical 15-year-old boy as I tried to show the humor in the experience…during my time here in Nashville, I have written this column simply as a way to show everyone that I’m human and can laugh at myself.”

Fowler says he will no longer write the column. Board members declined to comment except to say no personnel action would be taken here Wednesday night. Their next scheduled meeting is later this month when teacher hope that changes.