All 13 kids injured in a school bus crash Thursday left the St. Louis Children's hospital by around 2:00 p.m. Nine-year-old Hamid Socoro was the last one to be released. He was ejected from the bus during the crash.

"I got one on my arm, on my head, and one on my back," Hamid said, describing his injuries.

Osman Socoro is Hamid's uncle.

"They told me this trauma, number one, he was the worst person on the bus," Socoro said. "His dad is out of town and he called me and I missed his call and I call him back and he started crying. I said what happened? He said my son is in an accident."

Socoro rushed to the E.R.

"The first thing this morning I was crying," he said. "If you ask the hospital they will tell you I was mad about it."

Doctors took care of Hamid, a third grader at Hanna Woods Elementary, and 12 other students from the school.

"All of the children were very calm and cooperative and able to tell us their names," said Kimberly Quayle, medical director of the E.R. Unit.

The hospital's communications center sent out a page, which allowed for more staffing in the E.R. Unit.

"We may have had 100 at one point," Quayle said. "Not necessarily all at the bedside, but being in the middle of the day, we had a lot of people wanting to help."

One kid had a cut on his ear. Others walked away with bruises and bumps.

"Our experiences for bush crashes is that's pretty typical, despite severity of what appears the bus looks like or the condition of the crash," Quayle said.

Even so, families, and school leaders are relieved after such a scary crash.

"A huge relief the first thing that goes through your mind when you get the report that there's a bus accident is are our kids okay," principal Patrick Shelton said.

"God's grace, he's good," Socoro said. "I think he's doing good."

School and district counselors were on scene Thursday to help kids cope with the trauma that can come with being in a crash.