Washington University senior quarterback JJ Tomlin loves to engage on social media.

“Fairly active at least according to my parents,” Tomlin said.

He uses Snap Chat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Yet, he is tempered with what he expresses.

“I stay away from politics,” he continued.

And that’s a good thing, because Tomlin will soon be looking for a job in marketing and potential employers will search his past.

“Every job is now using social media to gain some type of reference on what type of person you are,” says Marisa Lather of 2e Creative.

Marisa Lather is digital marketing strategist. She says what’s on the internet doesn’t go away with time.
“Whatever is on the internet can be found,” Lather warns.

Job seekers aren’t the only ones who should be concerned. Social media has become a tool for college recruiters.

“Something we gotta use to investigate, we can’t ignore,” Missouri Baptist University head football coach Jason Burianek says.

“It is critical, they put their life stories out there,” says Burianek.

One of the biggest red flags?

“Some of the tweets about women, or retweets of women,” Burianek said.

Here are a few guidelines for what not to have on your social media.

Don’t use offensive language and don’t use poor grammar.

“If you can’t double check grammar in writing, if you’re not going to double check your work you probably won’t check your work for me,” Lather explained.

Don’t bad mouth your old boss or job. Lather says, “don’t want to be seen as someone who focuses on the negatives.”

Don’t post pictures in inappropriate clothing.

“You don’t want employers seeing those things if you want to get the job,” Lather continued.

Don’t display extremist beliefs.

“I would not put anything that will potentially offend anybody out there,” advises Lather.

So how do you know what’s out about you on the web? Just Google yourself, and your social media history will show up on screen. You also want to click on the images as well.

“Things can come up where you were tagged were you were not aware,” says Lather.

But you should not be afraid of social media. It can also help in reaching your goals by helping present your brand.

“Put your goals on your social media profiles. People will know what your intentions are and you’ll be able to get there quicker,” Lather said.

Coach Burianek may have summed up the best way to approach social media as to not leave a scar on your image.

“Brand yourself in a way your parents, if they see it, they’ll be proud of you,” he said.