Dramatic images from an early morning crash — a semi-truck barreled into a two story Soulard building. It all happened just after 1 Monday morning.

Witnesses described the truck veering off the road and driving straight through concrete barriers, before hitting a power line and burrowing into the building. The crash left one business completely exposed.

"The tractor itself was fully inside the building and the trailer pretty much stopped at the foundation, at the wall there," Don Beile said. Beile owns the two businesses in the building, Left Hand Promotions and Possum Hollow Press.

"It's devastating,” he said. “I tell you, I got the call early this morning. I got it at 7 a.m. but people were trying to reach me as early as 1:50 a.m."

Beile said he’s thankful this happened overnight, when no one was in the building. He said if this happened during the day, the outcome would have been bleak.

"We would have lost people."

Monday afternoon, Ameren crews secured three downed power lines, which left about 20 homes and businesses without power.

"It's pretty shocking how much devastation can be done by a single truck," said Abraham Mohler, who rents space right next door to the damage.

He said his building sustained very minor damage. His concern is for Beile and his establishment.

"Whether they have to tear it town or whether they can rebuild,” Mohler said, “they have to find a place to pick up business....I think that's going to be a pretty hard blow to absorb."

No one was injured in the crash, including the driver of the truck.

Beile said the city has since condemned the building. The structure is not stable. So, he hasn’t been able to go inside or collect any belongings. For the immediate future, he will need to temporarily relocate.