It's been six months, since St. Louis County Police Officer Blake Snyder was killed in the line of duty. On Friday, for the first time since that day, his parents spoke publicly.

Peggy and Dick Snyder went to St. Anthony's Medical Center in South St. Louis County, the place where their son took his last breath, to say thank you to the men and women there.

In the months since officer Snyder was killed, his parents have been through every emotion possible. But the feeling they most wanted to express Friday gratitude. Gratitude to those who tried to save their son's life.

“Blake's death has crushed my soul. Not just my heart, but my soul,” said Peggy Snyder. “But I just had to be with those people.”

“It doesn't take away the pain, but it helps to balance and ease the pain and helps the healing process,” said Dick Snyder.

Mrs. Snyder talked with a room full of first responders, emergency room nurses and doctors who tried to help that day. She personally thanked those men and women and told intimate stories about her son.

“I know their heart hurt, just like mine. But I don't want them to remember him as a trauma. I want them to remember him as a person and a person who had a purpose here in his life.”

Snyder brought up her son's devotion to his faith, his wife, Elizabeth and their son, Malachi. Now two years-old, she says "Chi" remembers his dad and misses him.

“He's a healthy child. Does he know something's happened? Uh-huh. We got a picture from the (Police) Welfare Association and it was in bubble wrap and he wanted us to unwrap it and he hugged the picture and kissed it and talked about it being daddy.”

The Snyders also reminisced about the day of the funeral and the overwhelming support they've continued to get from people locally and across the country.

“Unbelievble's not a word that I can... I mean it was more than that,” said Peggy.

“Thank you to everybody for, oh my gosh, unbelievable support,” added Dick.

Before she retired, Peggy Snyder was a nurse for more than 35 years. She says she knows what it's like dealing with traumatic situations in a hospital and she believes the emergency room staff at St. Anthony's did all they could for her son.