Saint Louis University gave students the all-clear Wednesday evening after reports of a possible gunman on campus were discovered to be originated from a class-made project.

Late Wednesday evening, Saint Louis University issued an update on the situation on campus. According to the release, the gun was a toy created as part of an assignment in the Aerospace and Mechanical 'Engineering Manufacturing Procedures' class.

The assignment was intended to have students build devices with interchangeable parts, and the class chose to use rubber bands. The instructor of the class warned students to not show the devices outside of class, but one of the students displayed his life-like creation while in his dormitory building. Other students took notice of the device and alerted officials who prompted the alert on campus.

Police took a man into custody, but released him after finding he was not involved in the incident. SLU's spokesman confirmed a second person was located and questioned. Both were later released without charge.

Around 5:20 p.m., SLU's official Twitter account said a man wearing a black hoodie was spotted around Spring Hall carrying a handgun. They later added shots were fired, but the St. Louis Metropolitan police department said they could not confirm if shots had been fired.

All of the students in the 'Engineering and Manufacturing Procedures' class were told to place their devices in closed containers to be given to the Parks College Dean's Office Thursday morning. Each of the devices plan to be destroyed.

Saint Louis University added they 'understands how much anxiety this issue created today and will ensure it does not happen again.'

Read SLU's full statement on Wednesday's event here.