St. Louis University Medical School makes an unpopular move, as it fights to keep its accreditation. The school was placed on probation in march. And now a longtime dean will be out of a job.

Today, students and supporters of Dr. Stuart Slavin gathered in the courtyard of the medical school to share how the dean of 13 years influenced them, both academically and personally.

"Every one of them had a story that touched their life," said Michele Dietl, who was in attendance at the gathering, and is a long-term supporter of Dr. Slavin. Michele and her husband, John Dietl, was among several people to share their story.

"Not only students from SLU, but it was students from other schools as well," explained John Dietl. The Dietl's first met associate dean of curriculum, Dr. Stuart Slavin, after the death of their son, Kevin, a fourth year medical student, who took his own life just a few months before his graduation.

"A busy dean of a major medical school meeting on a Saturday afternoon with parents that he's never met a student that he's never met just to improve what he's done on a day to day basis," Dietl said.

The couple says Slavin reached out to them -and they worked together to implement curriculum to implement curriculum changes to improve student's mental health and well-being.

In an email that went out to students and faculty, Dean Kevin Behrns, says that accreditation is the school's top priority. He writes, "to move forward with the remediation a team of faculty members has been assembled to best position our school for success; and that also means changes in structure and leadership."

During Thursday's on-campus gathering, Dietl told students that even if Dr. Slavin is no longer on campus - "all of you know how important it is to do what he taught you to do."

He told students as they go through the system, to pay it forward, just as Dr. Slavin has done.

In an email to students and faculty, SLU thanked Dr. Slavin for his 13 years of service. The letter says he will be leaving after commencement and will be on a 12-month sabbatical.