A high school football player in Northeast Missouri wasn't expecting to be called up Friday night.

And he sure didn't expect to score a touchdown.

But when Drew Wilt, 17, took the field at South Shelby High School and brought people in the crowd to their feet.

Coach Rob Wilt teaches how to win on the field, but Friday, he taught a lesson of acceptance with the help of his son.

"We were trying to run that clock out at fourth quarter and one of the kids out there said 'let him run it coach'," said Wilt, Athletic Director of South Shelby High School.

Rob's son, Drew, has Down Syndrome, and he's a junior at South Shelby High School.

"Drew runs the school out there at South Shelby. does the announcements in the morning. Everyone knows Drew. just a special kid," said Wilt.

And it turns out, Drew is also a scene stealer.

At the end of the fourth quarter, the coaches from both sides agreed - it was time to put Drew front and center.

"We put him in the back field, called a time out and I got things organized. He was able to score a 40-yard touchdown. The team loves drew and there was a lot of high five's and hugs on both sides. it was a special night for us. and we heard the Schuyler county crowd just as loud as the Shelby crowd," said Wilt.

"I felt great and happy about myself," said Drew.

It's not even the first time Drew has scored a touchdown, but Wilt says it was a bright, proud moment for his son and community. most importantly, he says, it showed something that can't always be taught.

"I think it shows empathy and society needs that right now. it's pretty cool to see people understand people that are different and let them do some good things," said Wilt.

Drew says he's looking forward to his next touch down. South Shelby won Friday night's game by more than 50 points, thanks to Drew's help.