Drivers will soon notice a change to one Dogtown street where neighbors say speeding is a major problem.

Along West Park Avenue, just off Hampton, residents have complained for years about constant speeding and crashes into parked cars and yards. In the next few weeks, drivers will be forced to slow down due to asphalt “speed humps.”

Similar to speed bumps often installed in parking lots, the "speed humps" are designed to limit how fast drivers can travel. Jamie Wilson, the newly-named Director for the City of St. Louis Streets Department said the speed humps will be 14 feet long (seven feet of incline and seven feet of decline),a little more than three feet high, and will span the width of the street.

Alderman Scott Ogilvie posted an update on Facebook Thursday, explaining city will install three speed bumps on West Park: On the 5900, 6200, and 6600 blocks.

“Well this is the Indy 500 racetrack. No question about it,” said Patricia Verde, who lives on the 6200 block of West Park and has repaired her own car after a driver crashed into it.

“Shockingly, the ones that you would think would observe some of the laws and the signs are the ones that are the biggest offenders.”

‘It can be a little bit crazy to say the least,” added Verde’s neighbor, Brita Weight. “Sometimes people are just roaring by. Weve had multiple cars of the years that ive lived here get totaled, nearly totaled, lots of mirrors get swiped off.”

Both women welcome the addition of the speed humps, hoping it will make a difference on their street.

“Anything that will give us a sense of some sort of safety here,” Verde said. “I am happy as I can be.”

Wilson, with the Streets Department, said there are multiple steps to “traffic calming policy” in the city. First, an alderman will get complaints from residents. Then, the city will conduct a speed study on the street, to review the problem. If the street is verified as a problem spot for speeding, then the city can move forward on a solution, Wilson said.

Wilson said the city installed similar, rubber speed humps in different neighborhoods already. However, West Park Avenue will be the first installation of asphalt speed humps. Wilson said asphalt is a much more cost effective solution.

City officials say asphalt speed humps cost about $2,000 each, which will come from public works funds.