It didn't even take 24 hours for Beyoncé to break a record on Instagram. With more than seven millions likes, Wednesday's pregnancy announcement is now the most liked photo ever on the social media app.

A company in St. Charles played a role in her announcement. LiviaraUSA manufactures high-end luxury lingerie.

"Since we're just starting, it's growing," founder Kara Gatto said.

Already, business is growing a lot more quickly thanks to Beyoncé. After she posted the pregnancy announcement photo, a LiviaraUSA employee quickly noticed the Powder Blue Dauphine panty she's wearing was made at their company.

"I was looking at traffic on the website and that's gone up by 500 percent," Gatto said. "The big news is that she's having twins but for us, this is also big news. We're really excited."

LiviaraUSA has a show room in Los Angeles, where they keep several products. That, Gatto thinks, is how Beyoncé got ahold of a pair.

Beyoncé only wore the panty, but it actually comes as a set, which costs $300. Separately, the panty price is $95 and the matching top costs $205.

"They are made out of real silk," Gatto said.

With more eyes on the company, they can expect a lot more sales.

"This type of publicity would cost us far more than probably we could afford at this point, especially just starting out," Gatto said. "We can't thank her enough and I really just hope that she enjoyed wearing the panty and hopefully we get a chance to send her other things."