A St. Charles couple is celebrating 70 years of marriage.

Dot and George Wilhelm have been married since 1947. One of their sons says the two have lived their entire married life in St. Charles and have been in the same house since 1962.

90-year-old George and 88-year-old Dot still have a “date night” most weekends. The two have four children, seven grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren.

“I am blessed to be equal parts of both of them. I’d like to think that I’m the best parts of both of them. I know that I have Dad’s ears and chin and forehead and well, pretty much everything else. But the important parts are less about physical attributes and genetics and more about what has been imparted. Mom taught me how to pray. Dad taught me how to tell a good joke. Mom taught me the importance of cleanliness. Dad taught me the importance of family. Mom taught me how to do math in my head. Dad taught me how to build and fix things (and how to cuss when things don’t build or fix easily). Mom taught me that “early risers” get to enjoy the best part of the day. Dad taught me that watching old movies late at night can be just as rewarding. They both taught me how to love.” Denis Wilhelm, their son, wrote in a blog post.

Congratulations to the couple from 5 On Your Side.