Calls for protests and an FBI investigation have grown after police shot and killed a man from St. Louis, but the incident itself is hundreds of miles away in Utah.

The man, identified as 50-year-old Patrick Harmon, was stopped by Salt Lake City Police on August 13. According to officials, officers stopped Harmon for riding his bike across several lanes of traffic without a required rear reflector. But, when police ran his name, multiple warrants for his arrests were discovered.

As officers attempted to place handcuffs onto Harmon, he tried to run. Harmon then displayed a knife and threatened to cut the officers. One of the officers tased Harmon, and another shot him with a handgun. Harmon later died from the gunshot wounds.

Police later recovered the knife from the scene, as well as a still of what they said shows a knife on the ground in the bodycam footage.

The video, which was made available to the public, was viewed by millions.

It was unclear from the video whether Harmon did physically threaten the police with that knife or any other weapon. But last week, the District Attorney's Office said the officers' 'use of deadly force was justified.'

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Harmon's family from St. Louis traveled to Salt Lake to join protests there. And, in light of those protests, the FBI could soon be involved.

But protesters, joined by some of Harmon's family from St. Louis, want further investigation.

"We want black men to make it to court and Patrick didn't get that chance. It was murder. We want justice," said one protester.

Now, the same District Attorney that ruled the shooting justified has asked the FBI to take a second look, both at the shooting, and his office's investigation.

This was the first deadly officer-involved shooting for the Salt Lake police since 2015.