Two St. Louis natives who now live in Florida are among the millions evacuating ahead of the storm. They fear it could be days or even weeks before they can return home.

Hurricane Irma has already left devastation in and along the Caribbean Islands and its next stop is Florida.

"It comes to your area and you're like ‘wow, am I really about to go through this? Am I going to leave the majority of my stuff, take what I can, put it in my car and just leave the rest of my stuff, is this the decision I’m going to make?’” explained St. Louis native, Alisha Hill, who evacuated Friday from Central Florida. Hill said it was an emotional decision to pack up her car and leave the majority of her things behind. But, her journey out of Florida to Atlanta was anything but easy.

"Eight hours and we were still in Florida,” said Hill.

“Bumper to bumper traffic, accidents on the way, the lines to get to the gas station were a mile, a mile-and-a-half down the road,” she explained.

Anita Scott, also native to St. Louis, said her family took back roads as they evacuated Orlando.

"We figured out how to go on state highways that still had restaurants, gas stations and things like, that but that took us off the beaten path,” she explained of her evacuation away from the heart of the hurricane.

Scott told her two daughters to choose an item that is near and dear to them to take as a keepsake, especially through such a scary and uncertain time.

“That feeling of trying to figure out, what your house is going to be like when you get home. But, also as a mom, trying to put on a strong face and keep the kids from being scared to death,” Scott described.

Scott and her family made it safely to Niceville, Florida Friday. After 15 hours in traffic, Alisha is safe in Georgia, just west of Atlanta. Both say they will wait out the storm and then once things calm down, make plans to return.