A substantial price hike for trash pickup in St. Louis is moving forward.

Friday, aldermen advanced a bill that would increase garbage fees 27% from $11 per-month to $14 per-month. But Five On Your Side learned that money likely won't solve a trash truck problem -- one we exposed last year.

The extra three dollars would partially go towards installing 100 removable security cameras in alleyways and cracking down on illegal trash dumping throughout the city with the help of four full-time police officers.

"Now with the police support, we'll be able to utilize that information and get some convictions on some of these people who drive [in] or live here and just cavalierly who dump roofing matter or debris from renovations and dump it wherever they please," said bill sponsor Stephen Conway, Alderman of the 8th Ward.

But, Conway said, it won't do anything for the problem of trash trucks damaging homes, garages, and fences across the city.

The fee increase would net the City of St. Louis close to $3 million a year. Close to half of that price would go towards new trash trucks. The bill sponsor says 27 of the city's 70 trucks are broken and inoperable.

Earlier this year, the city's director of operations told us new trash trucks would help alleviate the problem of the trucks causing damage to property around the city.

Conway told Five On Your Side, that's not likely and he makes no promises newer trucks will help that issue.

Opponents of the bill say the city hasn't managed its money properly and it's unfair to put further burden on the taxpayer.

"Are we always going to be asking residents to pick up the tab on things when we're not asking businesses? We're not asking large housing complexes to come to the table and have to contribute to the system," said Megan Ellyia Green, Alderwoman of the 15th Ward.

Those who support the bill say, even at $14, St. Louis residents would still have some of the lowest trash pickup fees in the nation.

The proposal will face one more vote but that won't take place until the board of aldermen reconvenes in 10 weeks.