There have been many messages of unity following the tragedy in Virginia. But that tragedy is a sign of a deeply divided country. So, we set out to see whether St. Louisans were really willing to reach across the aisle.

We grabbed a pen and paper and went to two popular spots around St. Louis. We found Republicans and Democrats, and asked them to complete the same task: write something positive about the opposite party.

“I wrote I heart the party of Abraham Lincoln. I am a democrat and I feel very strongly about my beliefs but I also appreciate that people feel strongly about theirs,” said Joan Lipkin.

“Our nation is founded on the belief that we can all live and work together even though we might have opposing views. Much respect to the Democrats who stand up for what they believe in,” said Republican Dan Grimes.

Most people we spoke with didn't have any trouble coming up with something positive once they started thinking about it. All of our participants agreed there is an urgent need to unite as a country.