First they were laid-off. Then learned they would get their jobs back. But less than two weeks before school starts, several St. Louis schools are still without crossing guards for the coming school year.

The City of St. Louis pays for crossing guards at about 20 public schools and in early July cut the positions to save roughly $100,000 and help balance the budget.

Just after the funding for guards was cut, the comptroller's office stepped in and promised to restore the funding.
But two weeks later, and after the time when 12-year crossing guard Glennon Reinsmith says guards normally meet with the streets department to plan out crossing routes, the money has still not been allocated to re-hire any crossing guards.

"In my mind they're taking a tremendous gamble in not having guards," says Reinsmith who worked at Dewey Elementary.

A spokesman for the comptroller Darlene Green says she still has the money and it's still going to pay for guards - the process is just taking longer than expected to transfer the funds and coordinate with the personnel department to rehire the guards.

The spokesman said they are confident they can get it worked out before school starts.