5 On Your Side followed up with a St. Louis man who has made it his mission to help in Houston. On Saturday, he got some high profile help from the Commander in Chief.

Brett Williams and his team of volunteers monitor satellites to see which areas have the most flooding. Then, they deploy with food, shelter and supplies.

"I think we've fed maybe 150 people already in the last hour and a half,” explained Williams via Facetime as he handed out hot meals to people displaced by the flooding.

“And we'll go until we run out of food and then go back and get more and then come back,” he said.

A retired pharmacist from St. Louis, Williams moved outside the comfort of his home state to some of the hardest hit neighborhoods in the country right now.

“What people don’t realize is their lives go on and they complain about politics or their city, and complain about whatever it might be,” Williams said.

“Down here it is totally different."

For just over a week, Williams, together with his Red Cross colleagues have been working around the city, starting with basic needs like food and shelter, with an ultimate goal of rebuilding people’s homes and their lives.

On Saturday, the group worked alongside President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, who helped unload and distribute supplies.

"He literally will do anything and everything to help somebody,” said William’s daughter, Stephanie Cotta.

“It could be someone who he is close with or somebody that just knows his name and somebody that he doesn’t know at all,” she explained.

William’s family back home in St. Louis sent him off with notes which read, “Love you always and forever,” as he fulfills his passion for helping others.

“As everyone's lives go on, the have to keep thinking about the people in this area,” Williams explained.

Williams said his schedule changes every day. At this point, he is not sure when he will be returning home.