A South City woman who lost $60,000 to online scammers may be a lot closer to getting her money back, and she's not alone.

It's all the result of action taken by the FTC against a St. Louis company.

Global Access Technical Support is a Creve Coeur company that the federal government accused of, among other things, taking customers money and not providing a service. Rajiv Chhatwal, listed as company owner in legal documents, allegedly contracted with a call center in India and falsely promoted their service as being part of Microsoft and Apple.

One of their victims is a South City grandmother who told us earlier this year she allegedly lost $60,000 to the company, traced to a home in West County.

She said it all started with a deceptive internet pop-up ad that tricked her into buying unnecessary tech support for her computer.

Well, just this week, a Missouri district court seized the company owner's house and business assets totaling more than $1 million.

According to the FTC, that money will go back to effected customers.

The investigation into this company began at the St. Louis better business bureau investigators here says they've been receiving complaints about the business for years.

"It does confirm that when consumers speak, and when they speak to groups like the BBB, there can be results had, and the system can work," said Chris Thetford, with the Better Business Bureau.

The owners of the company are also banned from marketing or promoting any technical support products or services.

5 On Your Side spoke with the family that lost their life savings to this scam. They tell us they haven't been contacted by the courts or FTC yet. But they're hopeful they can get some of their money back.