Ahead of the busy spring break travel period, TSA officials are reminding you to be aware of what's in your carry-on bag before going through security.

Representatives showcased dozens of items Friday, which they say was just a sample of what passengers attempted to bring through security at St. Louis Lambert International Airport over the last couple months. The items ranged from bottled water to brass knuckles.

TSA representatives say knowing what is and isn't allowed can help speed the line along, which is especially important during busy travel periods such as spring break. Airport officials say they're expecting a 13-percent increase in passengers going through security this year versus this time last year.

"Think of each of these things as another passenger because that's what, in effect, it's going to be. When somebody brings these type of weapons or something as simple as a bottle of water or an oversized liquid into the checkpoint, we're going to have to go through the options of them getting rid of that item and then rescreen them," TSA Regional Spokesperson Mark Howell said.

"More people are traveling. We have more destinations, more flights than we did last year, which is great, but as Mark said because of the increased traffic, because you have more leisure, more families traveling over this time, it's always best to arrive early, two hours or more, depending on how many bags you're carrying, how many children that are accompanying you, and just be better prepared to go through the processes so you can get to the gate on time," St. Louis Lambert International Airport spokesperson Jeff Lea said.

The TSA website has a complete list of what you can and can't bring through security. If you do bring something that isn't allowed, you can surrender it to TSA, throw it away, put it in your car, or give it to a friend who isn't flying.