Several St. Louisans took the stage alongside Lady Gaga Sunday night during her Super Bowl 51 halftime performance.

Oakville native, Christina Grady, is one of Gaga’s backup dancers and says she is excited and anxious in a good way to be forming with Lady Gaga.

Kennis Marquis, another St. Louis native, attended Pattonville.

Kelsey Pannullo, another backup dancer, is a St. Charles native who attended Lutheran St. Charles before moving to Los Angeles.

Grady said the crew landed in Houston about a week ago and things have been nonstop since. This will be Grady’s first time performing in a Super Bowl and she says she couldn’t be more honored or proud. She has performed with many other artists including Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé just to name a few.

Photos: Oakville native performs with Lady Gaga during Super Bowl 51

Grady has been performing with Gaga since her first single ‘Just Dance’ came out in 2008. While Grady doesn’t tour worldwide, you can spot her in Lady Gaga’s music videos and live performances.

Grady is thankful for the love and support the St. Louis community has shown her throughout the years and that she is proud to represent St. Louis on the Super Bowl stage.

She also has a website featuring her work where aspiring dancers can find out what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry. Just click on the 'What it Takes' tab, or find out more here. Grady encourages all dancers in St. Louis to follow their dreams.