WENTZVILLE, Mo. (KSDK) - Several business owners in Wentzville are busy cleaning up after the storms damaged or destroyed their buildings and merchandise.

Most of the damage at Chic Lumber Company is near the back of its main building, where there are storage units and warehouses.

"We're assessing the damages and unloading the truck that was damaged last night that was fully inventory, that was set for delivery," company president Adam Hendrix said.

The roof of that truck is all torn up, and most of the outside area was filled with cinder blocks and debris Tuesday morning. The good news for the family owned business, which has been around since 1979, is that there's minor damage to the main building.

"The electric is back on and all of our people are up and running and this is just really an inconvenience for us," Hendrix said.

The storms also caused damage at other businesses in Wentzville. An RV that was for sale at Bill Thomas Camper Sales, Inc. traveled off of its display area and onto its side. Now, it's a total loss. Around a dozen other campers have minor damage.

"It was about $100,000 list price new," owner Glenn Thomas said.

Meanwhile, Steve Padilla, the owner of Wheel Sports Bicycle Shop is dealing with a broken fence and uprooted trees.

"If it's going to happen this way, at least it's not half and half where I have to be closed," Padilla said.

There's a similar sentiment back at Chic Lumber. The business owners say they're grateful they'll be able to stay in business, too.

"We lost some warehouse space but everybody is working and we're up and running," Hendrix said.

The National Weather Service confirmed an EF-1 tornado touched down in Wentzville.