A Ferguson woman said her neighborhood's New Year's Eve celebration nearly killed - her and she has a bullet hole in her bed frame to prove it.

It happened just after midnight New Year's Day when neighbors apparently fired several celebratory gun shots.

The first day of the new year almost became the last day of Jammie Fuller's life.

"I started hearing 'bang bang bang bang', and all of a sudden I felt something I thought hit my headboard," said Jammie Fuller, Ferguson homeowner.

Fuller found a bullet had torn through her bedroom wall and lodged in the bed frame.

"If it had been higher, it would've struck me in my bed sleeping," said Fuller.

Fuller said just after midnight, shots of celebration rang out across the street.

"There were just guns being shot, and it sounded like a war zone. Neighbors are shooting up other neighbors homes and allowing that kind of celebration," said Fuller.

Fuller said this is not even the first time her home has been shot up during a big holiday. There are other bullet holes in her home - including one from a New Year's Eve a few years ago, which shot through her patio window.

"Every New Year's, every Fourth of July, you might be shot in your own home," said Fuller.

In the middle of speaking with her, Fuller pointed out the sound of gunshots in the neighborhood. A sound becoming all too familiar, and the main reason she plans to move.

"I want to live in a neighborhood take care of neighbors. I can't deal with it anymore," said Fuller.

Fuller says the police have pinpointed the home the shots came from, but no charges or citations have been issued at this point.