Dramatic storm damage in Alton, Illinois, leaves four families displaced, after two oak trees barreled through their apartment complex.

Throughout the day Friday, residents removed belongings and valuables before relocating to motels or second apartments. They were forced to vacate because their complex was condemned.

"I was just lucky to be far enough over where that tree missed me," said Lisa Godar, who was asleep at 5AM Friday morning. Because of the way she was sleeping, an oak tree narrowly missed her head, but left her apartment in shambles.

"All I could do was scream until someone could come get me out from underneath all the debris and dry wall and stuff," Godar said.

That same oak tree made its way through Godar’s apartment, puncturing her neighbor’s ceiling right below.

"I got tree branches coming through the roof here," Van Redden explained. The tree pushed in his back wall, broke his window, and now branches hang from his ceiling.

"I can’t understand it, it scared me, I'm still a little shaken up," Redden said.

Neighbors spent the afternoon moving out their things.

"There will something out there, so just one day at a time," Godar said. She took her two dogs over to a motel, where she will stay indefinitely.

As for Redden, he says, “everybody got out well." Redden says he will relocate to a second apartment close by.