A thief or thieves rummaging through people's cars in Florissant. Neighbors tell us it's not the first time this has happened. In just the past week, they say several cars have been opened and rummaged through in the middle of the night.

In surveillance video provided to five on your side from neighbors, you can see two people peering through the windows of two cars sitting in a driveway. The suspects eventually open the two front doors, get inside, before leaving the scene. This is how the ‘car clouting,’ seems to play out.

"I looked outside and saw there were items on the ground behind my husband’s car,” said one neighbor who lives in the Barrington Downs Subdivision. She told five on your side that on July 13th, her husband’s car was ransacked. All four doors were left ajar. Her son’s bike was stolen.

"The compartments inside of the car, the center console, and the glove compartment were open," she said.

Florissant Police tell five on your side that there was an abnormal spurt in 'car cloutings' Thursday night. In all of the cases, police say, the cars were unlocked.

In surveillance video from Friday night, neighbors captured footage of someone in what appears to be a hoodie sweatshirt walking along their street, stop in their driveway and then proceed to get into their next door neighbors car.

"Feeling of being violated,” described one neighbor. “You just have to increase your security and increase your awareness."

Police are encouraging everyone to lock their car doors. They also warn against leaving any valuables in your car. Detectives are looking into these robberies and working to identify the culprit.