For 30 years, The Emergency Assistance Ministry (TEAM) have helped people in need put food on their tables.

In recent years, however, that mission has become more difficult to accomplish.

Serving more than 800 Florissant and Hazelwood families monthly, the food pantry is struggling to make ends meet themselves.

The pantry is desperately low on frozen meat, with 4 of the 5 stand up freezers empty, and the shelves of dry goods and non-perishables practically bare.

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, they have 13 turkeys available and 40-45 families coming by for assistance daily.

Each family is allowed to receive assistance just one time per month.

If you are interested in helping the TEAM food pantry, you can drop donations off at their storefront at 265 St. Catherine St. in Florissant, or visit them online.