Neighbors in O'Fallon, Missouri are hoping security videos will help capture those stealing Christmas decorations.

Police confirm several victims since Friday.

They are hot items in stores and also with criminals, laser projection least seven have been swiped in the last few days from several neighborhoods.
Along with other decorations that can never be replaced.

Robert Becker's yard is the scene of a Christmas-time caper.

“And then the other one, you can see where the extension cord is left,” said Becker, referring to the spots where his laser projection lights once were.

He just bought two of them to use on his O'Fallon, Missouri home. He installed them Saturday. Some time early Sunday morning, somebody stole them.

“For me, it wasn't so much for the cash value as having to tell my kids, yeah, you remember the projectors you guys picked out, they're gone,” he said.

Late Saturday into early Sunday morning, two home security systems, one in his subdivision, another in a nearby neighborhood, captured what appears to be the same light colored car. At one point, people are seen getting out of the car and returning with what appears to be something in their hands. The back seat looks full.

“Everything just jammed in there, you must had to think what are these guys doing, they're making a night of this,” said Becker.

Michael Reddan lost two inflatables. One he just bought, but the other, a nearly 20 year old merry-go-round, had meaning.

“It was just a tradition to put that up every year with their mom,” said Reddan.

His wife died four years ago.

“A pulmonary embolism. It was basically immediate in her sleep,” said Reddan. “And so that was another piece of remembering here each Christmas season when we go to put up the inflatable.”

While O'Fallon Police are still investigating, neighbors suspect, more than just kids, it's an organized group re-selling the sometimes pricey items and, in at least one case, priceless.

“You're stealing something that means something, it's not just so much a paycheck,” said Reddan.

The neighbors believe the car is a light colored, Mercury, maybe a Grand Marquis, 2006 to 2008 range. Viewers contacted Five on Your Side to say they believe the car looks like a Lincoln Town Car

Reddan tried to replace the merry-go-round, but because it's so old, he can't find one for sale.