One day after a barricade was put up around the controversial Confederate Monument in Forest Park, crews started the process to remove the monument.

On Thursday morning, crews removed the top of the monument.

The removal of the statue has been controversial as both supporters and opponents of the statue's removal have clashed in Forest Park. The statue has also been the target of vandalism in recent weeks.

Supporters of the removal say the monument represents slavery, racism, and a toxic time in U.S. history. Opponents say it honors their heritage, the Confederate soldiers, and that getting rid of it erases U.S. history.

It’s unclear how long it will take to remove the entire monument.

Treasurer Jones released this statement,

Three weeks ago, I launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds to remove the Confederate Monument from Forest Park. I believe that this monument has no place in Forest Park and needs to be removed and should have been done so years ago.

I am pleased to report that after three weeks, we have raised over $16,000 of the $25,000 campaign goal. I continue to be amazed and awestruck at the amount of support this campaign has received! Thank you to all who have contributed thus far!

I am also pleased to see that the city has started the process of removing the monument from the park. I look forward to having a conversation with city leaders about transferring the funds raised from this campaign to help cover the removal costs.