This summer, people across the bi-state will stop what they're doing for a rare sight.

On August 21, just after 1 p.m., a total solar eclipse will be visible in the greater St. Louis area. Hundreds of years have passed since the last time this region witnessed a total solar eclipse. The event is expected to draw huge crowds.

“In St. Louis, we’ve been working on this since 2014,” said Don Ficken, the Chair of the St. Louis Total Solar Eclipse Task Force.

The group is working with local safety organizations, educators and local communities that could host up to a million visitors for the event. Hotels and campgrounds are already filling up.

Next week, the task force is hosting an expo. The event will feature speakers from NASA and the Science Center, tourism officials from several cities in Illinois and Missouri, and activities for kids.

“We also want to promote safety,” Ficken said. “We want to tell the public, what is an eclipse, and why is it really cool to look at and how do you really be safe to go about that.”

The event is scheduled for Friday and Saturday at Queeny Park in Ballwin. For more information, visit the task force website.