ST. LOUIS – The kittens are coming! Uber has partnered with the APA Adoption Center to bring your office kittens on demand.

Today only, you can use your Uber app to order a 15-minute kitten play date from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

According to the press release, here is what you need to do:

  • Open your Uber app and select the ‘KITTENS’ option on the bottom of your screen.
  • Request! If matched, your colleagues at work will have 15 minutes of snuggle time
  • Make sure you have an enclosed place purrrfect for playtime. Just make sure no one in your building is allergic.

There is a $30 ‘snuggle fee’ that will help support the APA Adoption Center. And if you fall in love with your snuggle buddy, all of the kittens are available for adoption!

Click here for more information.