Cracking down on hate crimes; that's the goal of a new proposal in University City. On Monday, city leaders will take a final vote that would create a hate crime database.

Alderman Rod Jennings introduced the bill last November. Jennings is in Washington D.C. at the National League of Cities Conference. He’s working to sell his proposed hate crime database to U.S. and local leaders.

Jennings says that University City is known for its diversity and progressiveness. And that it’s more important than ever to create an up-to-date registry.

The idea is that anyone would be able to go online and see the people in the community who have been convicted of having committed a hate crime. If neighboring communities adopt the bill, then they could share the information between and among communities.

Critics say they’re not sure this bill will deter hate crimes from happening.

Jennings says Hate Crime legislation will be at the forefront of what he shares during an Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill.

"I'm hand-delivering my hate crime bill to my members of congress in Missouri and not only to the one’s in the St. Louis area, and across the state in Kansas city and from the middle of the state. I have access to them and I'm going to ask them to strongly consider making a uniform hate crime bill in this country,” he said in a phone interview.

Jennings will be skyping in to Monday’s vote. A minimum of four aldermen need to vote in favor for the bill to pass.