O’Fallon, Missouri police said they located the family of a two-year-old found wandering in a neighborhood just off I-70 Thursday morning. The Division of Family Services was brought into the case.

A neighbor called police after spotting the child alone, on the 400 block of Vine Street, around 9:30 a.m.

Police went door to door, trying to find the boy's family. Officers also posted a description of the child on social media.

About 90 minutes later, police located the boy’s family several streets away, on Darby Drive.

O’Fallon Police Spokesperson Diana Damke urges parents to know where your children are at all times to avoid a situation like this, which could have taken a tragic turn. She said, “Always keep a watchful eye out with them to make sure they're OK. And if you are that person that happens to see a child that's wandering around, please contact your local law enforcement so that nothing does happen to the child.”

The circumstances of this toddler wandering off was still under investigation. No word as to whether charges will be filed at this point.