There are dozens, upon dozens of heroes who helped victims after the Las Vegas shooting. Among them, a woman from Warrenton, Missouri.

Rose Tobin found herself among those that escaped and the ones that were wounded. Three days later, she still can't believe what happened.

When Rose and her husband Larry heard crowds coming up behind them at the Tropicana hotel, they thought people were having fun.

“Then when we heard another large crowd come up behind us,” said Rose. “These girls were crying and yelling, 'There's people shooting at us outside,' and we're like 'What do you mean they're shooting at you outside?' like we were at the concert and there was gunfire outside.”

No one knew where the shooter was and so thousands of people were running away from the gunfire.

“You could hear the bullets and I grabbed my husband and said 'Come on we need to go, this is too close, you know this is real,'” said Rose.

As the chaos continued near Mandalay Bay, the Tobins followed the crowd about a half mile to the Hooter's hotel.

“There was already a large number of people inside the hotel, trying to hide anywhere they could, they were hiding in the bathrooms, hiding behind tables,” said Rose.

That's when a hotel manager put out the call for help. Rose, a registered nurse at Mercy Hospital in Washington, Missouri stepped up.

“We had a young lady who was shot in the foot, one lady was shot in the top of the head, one was shot in the back, a young man was shot in the leg,” said Rose.

She did what she could and now days later, she still finds it hard to believe.

“It was the last thing I would expect to happen for one, hoping that I was able to help in any way I could,” said Rose. “Like I said we didn't have anything, no supplies, no nothing, basically just trying to calm these people that were wounded, trying to assure them that they were safe, and that help was on the way.”

Rose had help from another nurse and an off-duty EMT. She doesn't know anything about the condition of the people she helped that night.

It was her second visit to Las Vegas and her husband's first. She says she's not sure they'll be going back anytime soon. They return to St. Louis Thursday.