UPDATE: A North St. Louis couple dealing with an abandoned home next door got results Friday, just two days after a 5 On Your Side report. Click here to see the update.

The previous story is below:

ST. LOUIS - Somewhere deep among the growth at 4600 block of Natural Bridge is a two-story house. But it is almost invisible.

“It's a forest and I don't like it,” said Robbie Daniels, referring to the lot now engulfed on overgrown vegetation.
Daniels and her husband Lincoln have lived next door for over half a century.

Seven years ago when the home’s owner passed away, it was abandoned and then the overgrowth began; vines, bushes, and trees. Now, it is out of control.

“It is scary ... it is really scary,” Daniels said. “I'm afraid to even sit out here because you don't know who's over there or what's over there.

The growth on the back of this house is so bad the Daniels say people have been dumping their trash right on the street, instead of taking a few yards down the alley to the dumpster.

And despite repeated calls to St. Louis officials Daniels says the matter has gone unaddressed.

“He said he was going to really get back on it to see if something is done .. but nothing happened,” Daniels said. “I do want to stay here I am not concerned about moving but we may have to do that.”

So, 5 On Your Side tracked down one of the politicians they spoke with. Alderman John Collins-Muhammad and let pictures tell him the story.

“It looks terrible,” said Collins-Muhammad. “I wouldn't want to live next to it."

Two months into his now four-month term, Collins-Muhammad vowed to take immediate action.

“I will consistently target and contact the director of forestry and make sure he comes out and takes care of this property. Because no one should live next to a piece of property in this condition." Collins-Muhammad said.

We relayed the Alderman's response to the Daniels who say they are cautiously optimistic. We will keep on top of this story.