They are back! Once again, drones are one of the most requested holiday gift items.

And this year, the prices for some of the top line models are finally starting to come down to earth.

But our experts tell us there's one day in particular when you can really get in on a great deal for a drone. That's next Tuesday, November 22, according to our Money Man Matt Granite.

Brand new TV sets are also on a lot of Christmas lists this year, and it's not the time to buy just yet, but we're close. The best deals on TV's are from Thanksgiving, November 24th - 28th.

And according to our Money Man Matt Granite, wireless headphones are the third most requested item this season. And the time to buy those is right now!

Matt found prices slashed on these Treblab headphones, normally at $180, down to as low as $40.

Watch the video above for more. Can’t see the video? Click here to watch.

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