A man who witnessed the ambush-style shooting of a St. Louis Police Sergeant is telling his story.

Max, who did not want to use his last name, said he was on his way to the grocery store Sunday night. He was directly behind the sergeant’s car on Hampton, when he saw the suspect’s vehicle fly by him.

“He sped down the center lane past me, skidded to a stop right beside the officer, about 10 feet in front of my car, fired two shots,” Max said.

Max called out to the sergeant, and when he did not get a response, he ran over to the squad car.

“When I asked him what was wrong, he had blood streaming down his face and he said, ‘I've been shot. Get help,’” Max said.

Max said he flagged down another officer, who had been pursuing the suspect. He then helped pull the injured sergeant out of his car.

“No ambulance came. The officers put him in the cruiser and took him themselves,” Max said. “I'm just grateful he lived and he is able to see his children and wife again, and I was put in the position to help.”

And while Max was relieved to learn the sergeant will be ok, he’s also questioning why violence his happening against innocent police officers.

“You don't think this happens in your own community,” Max said. “Look out for the men in blue; love and respect what they do. They do keep us safe.”