The morning of July 8th started unremarkably for Susan Doig and her daughter.

They were on their way to brunch when they got caught in some traffic in Ballwin.

Suddenly, they heard an unusual sound.

“I thought it was fireworks. I didn’t know what it was,” Doig remembers. “And she said – ‘Oh my God. That guy just shot the officer.”

The Doigs, by sheer coincidence, were stopped on New Ballwin Road at the same spot Officer Mike Flamion was shot while conducting a traffic stop that morning. Susan’s daughter caught a glimpse of the suspect’s vehicle and called 911 with the details.

Susan, a long-time nurse, ran to the officer lying on the ground.

“He was shot in the neck and he was bleeding, so I put pressure to the neck. And then when somebody was able to come out and bring a towel and I showed them how to hold pressure to it and realized we probably needed to start CPR, so I assessed him for that and I started CPR on him,” she remembers.

Soon, other officers arrived and took control. Doig watched as helicopters circled the area, and worked with police as they conducted interviews with witnesses.

Officer Flamion survived the shooting. Today, he continues his long road to recovery. Doig said she visited Flamion in the hospital not long after the shooting.

“It is so cool,” she said. “I am just so thankful that he is doing as much as he's doing and I'm so thankful that he's talking and he's… just a real inspiration.”

This month, Susan and her daughter, as well as another local citizen were formally honored for their role in assisting Officer Flamion. The Ballwin Police Department nominated all three for an award, which they received at the annual Crusade Against Crime ceremony.

“It’s very humbling because I don’t feel like I did anything huge,” Doig said. “What Officer Flamion has done since then has been amazing. He’s really a hero. Putting his life back together, and he and his wife and their families, and it’s just very, very humbling.”

Doig lives in Ballwin, and said she watched proudly as her community rallied around Flamion's family after the shooting. She has followed the headlines as several other local officers have been shot, too.

“It was a life changing moment for me, because it really did change a lot of things that I look at,” she said.

“I think that’s the big message, is that you can help. And [police] are people, and they’re just trying to do their job as well.”