Two teens are on the run after police said they held up two women at gunpoint Friday. They reportedly first carjacked one woman and then robbed another of her purse.

Both incidents happened within minutes and a mile of each other.

"I was told this is a good quiet area, very peaceful quiet area, but I had no clue something like a carjacking could happen right here," said Chiquetta Hunter.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said at 9:05 Friday morning, two suspects approached the first woman getting into her car at Itaska Street and Collins Avenue. One pointed a gun at her and told her to get out of her car.

Police said they then took her car and drove it about a mile away to Taft Avenue and 37th Street. That's when police said they held up another woman at gunpoint and took her purse off her shoulder.

Police later recovered the first victim's car, a 2006 grey Chrysler Pacifica, without a sign of the culprits.

"It just makes me scared. I just hate the fact that I have to watch every single thing that I do and it just makes me very nervous," said Peggy Kroeck, who's lived in the Dutchtown neighborhood for 32 years.

Police said the victims were left unharmed, physically.