Coworkers are remembering a mother of seven who drowned in a Highland, Illinois, lake last week. Police found Cristy Campbell’s SUV in Silver Lake Thursday morning. A paramedic saved her 3-month-old baby, but Campbell died.
"I miss walking in and seeing that beautiful face smiling in in the office when I would go in," said Barbara Thomas Johnson, the President of TJ Transport and close friend of Cristy’s.

Barbara and her husband, Elmo Johnson, said their Highland office is no longer the same in Cristy’s absence. They said she worked at TJ Transport for seven years as a billing clerk, worked dispatch and was an all-around problem solver, making sure everything was in order.

"She would take care of things, make sure everything was taken care of for me, for the drivers, for me," said Elmo Johnson, the Vice President of TJ Transport who was also close friends with Cristy. Johnson said the last time he saw Cristy was on Tuesday, March 14.

“Before she went out on pregnancy leave, she was doing just fine, when she came back from pregnancy leave, she was doing just fine," he said.

Early Thursday morning emergency crews rescued Campbell’s infant son from Silver Lake. Campbell’s six other children escaped a fire at their Glen Carbon home. Her ex-husband was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

"The person we knew is not what's going on, and none of us really know what's going on because none of us were there," said Thomas Johnson.

The Johnson’s say they remember a woman who devoted her life to family.

"She would do everything and anything for her kids. She worked to provide for them. ‘Supermom.’”

‘Supermom’ is the title of a picture one of Cristy’s children made for you. Cristy proudly displayed it on her desk.

“It's entitled, hero Cristy, supermom."

The Johnson’s are going to return those drawings to Cristy’s family. They say Campbell wanted to teach her children the importance of hard work, and that she led by example.