ANOKA, Minn. - A nanny is charged with first degree assault for allegedly slamming a toddler's face into the ground and breaking her jaw.

A criminal complaint says 22-year-old Ashley Ann Fields-Page was the live-in nanny for a Blaine family entrusted with the care of their 21-month old daughter. On September 30 the child's mother says she received a text from Fields-Page showing blood on a blanket, and a text saying the toddler got a cracker stuck in her tooth to trigger the bleeding.

When the mother got home from work she found the little girl dressed in a different outfit than she was wearing in the morning, and the original outfit had been washed and folded, something that the nanny had never done before. The toddler had a swollen jaw and was in obvious discomfort.

The parents brought their child to the emergency room and doctor there told them to see a pediatric dentist about a possible cracked tooth. Days later during their appointment October 5 the dentist told the couple the little girl's jaw might be broken and that she needed to go to the hospital. X-rays confirmed the jaw was broken.

When police questioned Fields-Page on October 6 she continued to insist the injury was caused by a cracker. When told that could not be the case police say the nanny began changing her story, saying the child had fallen off a bike in the driveway, then again after waking up from a nap. She showed them a circle of blood from an area rug.

The child's mother called police again on October 7, saying she had found evidence significantly more blood had spilled from the little girl's injury. Fields-Page was arrested, and after being read her rights admitted that she had become frustrated when the child kept trying to talk with a mouth full of crackers, grabbed her by the head and slammed her face first into the floor as hard as she could. The defendant believes the toddler lost consciousness for a while, and was bleeding significantly from the mouth. She allegedly admitted to investigators that she knew the little girl's injuries were serious, and that she hid those injuries from the parents.

If found guilty Ashley Ann Fields-Page could face the potential of 20-years in prison.