There's a new high tech business in the Central West End that's creating a lot of buzz.

Hundreds of people lined up on Forest Park Avenue, Saturday.

"This is going to be fantastic, I'm very excited about it," Said, attendee, Vanessa Glenn.

They wanted a first-hand look at the new TechShop St. Louis.

"We're a place where people with diverse backgrounds, interests and aspirations come together technically build their dreams," said TechShop Inc. CEO Daniel Woods.

A first of it's kind in St. Louis, TechShop owners say it's goal is to provide space for entrepreneurs and local artists who don't have their own space just yet.

"It's going to launch my business forward at a much higher pace," like Sarah Mullins. She'll be using TechShop for her new design and restoration business.

"I'm going to be salvaging houseware items and refurbishing them in an environmentally friendly matter," Mullins said. The 17,000 square-foot space also provides high tech equipment like silk-screen printers and water jets.

"Pretty much anything you want to build, you can build here at the tech shop," Woods said.

TechShop also offers trade programs for students and veterans.

"Middle school and High School students can come in and work on steam projects, we have machine shop, we have wood shop," Woods said.

"All kinds of equipment that maybe your school couldn't afford to have that maybe your school but yet here it is for people to take advantage of," Glenn said. Glenn works in the Rockwood School district and feels these programs will be beneficial for her students

"It's the wave of the future," she said.

"What once was a dream and far in the distance, has now become an immediate reality," Mullins said.

TechShop St. Louis already has more than 450 members. Membership costs $200 a month.