5 On Your Side reporters Mike Rush and PJ Randhawa kept an ear out for each of Donald Trump's and Hillary's Clinton's claims throughout the debate as it unfolded

From the beginning to the end, claims made were investigated, researched and posted to our Twitter account for verification.

Check out the list below to see what 5 On Your Side found to be true or untrue.

UNDETERMINED: Trump claims America has the highest increase of inner city crime in 45 years. Crime researchers around the country have found it doesn't hit the crime level of the 1990's.

TRUE: The New York Times reports Trump may not have paid taxes for nearly two decades.

TRUE: Trump went on the record in 2002 with Howard Stern in support of the Iraqi invasion following the 9/11 attacks.

TRUE: According to Homeland Security and National Intelligence, the aforementioned hacks came from Russia.

FALSE: "Competition in the insurance marketplace will help make insurance more affordable." Fact: the root of the increase in costs in Obamacare plans, according to independent analysis’s is that fewer younger, healthier families enrolled than projected, leaving an older demographic which made the plans more expensive than originally planned.

TRUE: According to multiple sources from around the world, Al Shabaab included Trump's stance on a Muslim ban in a video encouraging Muslims to leave the west.

UNDETERMINED: The photo Trump claimed Clinton released in 2008 of Pres. Obama first appeared on conservative site, The Drudge Report. However, it was Obama at the time who said Hillary was the root of the circulated image.

TRUE: Bill Clinton did call the Affordable Care Act "the craziest thing in the world", but clarified his stance the next day with CNN.

TRUE: According to the CDC, 28.4 million Americans are uninsured. That is less than 10% of the population - 318 million and some change.

TRUE: Hillary was going to bring back jobs to upstate New York and failed. Upstate jobs rose 0.2%, but manufacturing jobs fell 24.1%.

TRUE: No evidence that Clinton's servers were successfully hacked. Possible a sophisticated hacker gained access, but left no visible trace.

PARTIALLY TRUE: The amount Hillary Clinton paid to Paula Jones was $850,000, but it was not a fine but an agreed settlement.