Up from the flowers at the O'Fallon City Hall rises a memory from one of the ugliest days in American history.

"It's a huge chuck of medal", says City of O'Fallon Citizens First manager Conan Stott.

22 tons.

"I had no idea 22 tons was just so massive," Stott continues.

There is more just off the highway on Winghaven. It is 13 tons.

They're massive, but just a small piece of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001. A day when terror struck on our soil.

"A piece of history and what happened on that day." "You remember where you were on that day, the terror that filled everyone's heart," says Stott.

They are part of what remains of the twin towers. The World Trade Center that once stood 110 stories high in the New York skyline.

"This was put on a tractor trailer and brought from the New York City area."

Steel twisted, ripped, torn. and bolts exposed. Rusted, it reveals the power of the destruction.

Stott says "shows the strength of it to do this to a large piece of metal."

But the collapse did not knockdown our nation. First responders and ordinary people came together. This structure may also be a reminder of our courage.

"I think it's important for all of us as US citizens to remember what happened and how we came together and how it can make stronger and better as a nation," says Stott.

It seems fitting that near the tribute, someone placed a rock with a heart on it. And as it sits on these peaceful grounds O'Fallon city leaders invite you to visit this emotionally moving piece of our past.

"They can see this piece of history here and touch it and just take a moment to look at it and reflect," says Stott.