MARIETTA, Ga. -- Friday morning a man walked into the Wells Fargo bank on Windy Hill Rd. and police said he began to make demands.

Cobb County Police's K9 and bomb units are on the scene of the Well Fargo bank at 2675 Windy Hill Rd. where the 911 call came in around 9:32 because of police.

Windy Hill Road in that area is shut down until further notice.

Sgt. Dana Pierce said that there were two employees that have come out safely from inside the bank and the suspect remains inside. No injuries have been reported.

The suspect was allowing the hostages to drink water previous to their release.

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The Cobb County Police mobile command unit is on the scene where police are gathered at a gas station nearby.

Lt. Dana Pierce said the man was inside with a couple of employees and is in communication with officers.

“We understand the employees inside are not going to be harmed according to what he’s told us. We’re not anticipating that,” Piece said.

Police know who he is but have not released his name and said they he is a Wells Fargo customer.

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